Like Lightning

Like Lightning is now live on Kickstarter. It is a story about brave men and women who created the legend. This is the story of America's first horse-drawn mail delivery, Pony Express. The characters are real people and  the designer wanted to pay tribute for their fearless and noble work that has united the United States of America and has become an example of the coordinated work of hundreds of people as a single mechanism. The horses, who carried brave riders through many dangers, played a significant role in this and also, women who supported these men in long distances. They are all shown on the cards.

Main features:

  • Cards printed by USPCC in USA
  • Tuck boxes produced by Gambler's Warehouse
  • 3 editions: Gold, Copper and Cobalt
  • 3 foils and embossing on the tuck box
  • Custom Tuck Box, cards and back
  • Custom seals
  • 2 Metallic Inks on backs - STRETCH GOAL
  • Gilded editions available 


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