Upcoming deck: Apocalisse by Thirdway Industries

Gio from Thirdway Industries has had a very strong end to 2019/beginning of 2020. Modern Idols started off the strong run in late 2019 and even though they hit a snag in production they came out amazing. Very bright, striking colors and awesome use of UV inks. This decks plays on the goods and bads of modern day society.

Italia Divina came earlier this year. Completely opposite of the brightly colored blue and purple of the Modern Idols, Italia Divina relies heavily on bright white, strong silver metallics, and medium colored greens and reds. The purpose of this deck is to celebrate the architecture, history, art, and beauty of Italy. 

Now, with a quarter of the year down, Gio is working on his next deck - Apocalisse. While there's not a ton of information on the deck so far, Gio has shared some sneak peeks of it and it looks amazing. Its a much darker themed deck than Gio normally does. Apocalisse gives off a lot of "Outlast" and "Doom" vibes. This deck is sure to be another grand-slam for Gio. Stay tuned!